Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Round Two

So a lot has happened in the past year -- not just with me, but with J-bloggers all over, I think. Material Maidel went through some internal struggle -- her blog was down. Jacob da Jew peaced out almost when I did -- not very many updates there. Frum Punk is pretty much M.I.A., other people got married, had babies, blah blah. The whole train was just running out of steam.

So for a while, I decided to take a break. I had exorcised all my Jewish ex-boyfriend demons and I had real-life shit to handle. I was done.

Funny thing, though, because although I had decided I was done with the crazies, they weren't entirely finished with me. There are still men calling/texting/writing me left and right. Add to that my sex-starved coworkers, and I think we've got enough material for a few more months, at least.

But things are different now -- no escaping that. For the first time ever, I am in a serious relationship with a man who knows about my job and really, really, really dislikes bits of it. So, clearly, some (read:most) stories will be tough, but I think the one about the guy who sends me little collages of him jerking off over my old posts is quite shareable, don't you?

Let's see how this turns out....